Zimbabwe: Increased Securitisation of the State?

"The current dilemma facing Zimbabwe’s ruling political elite has arisen out of uncertainty and fear. Uncertainty about the challenges it may face as a result of the opening of the political space for true multi-party politics. Fear of what an opposition party in government could do, inparticular the threat of prosecution of the current elite for human rights abuses and corruption. The current trajectory of President Mugabe and ZANU-PF continues to raise serious concerns about the future of Zimbabwe and the immediate situation of ordinary Zimbabweans. The regime has used the post-election period to launch further attacks on opponents,both inside and outside of the party and taken a series of chaotic policy decisions in a bid to further entrench their power. Operation Murambatsvina, in its heavy handed and violent nature as well as profound disregard for human rights, is but an example.A failure by the Zimbabwean elite to recognise that the situation has reached catastrophic proportions, will result in Zimbabweans of all walks of life continuing to see their livelihoods compromised and further eroded. South Africa’s assumption that reform can only come from within the ruling party may well be correct. Yet, time to take conserted action seems to be running out – positive change agents within the ruling party must be identified as a matter of urgency."