Zanzibar Conflict Resolution and Human Security in the 2005 Elections

"The report contains tangible views and recommendations on how to have free, fair, legitimate and democratic elections in Zanzibar. All these are important and should be taken as key recommendations by the authorities in both the Zanzibar revolutionary government and the Union government. In Tanzania in general, and Zanzibar in particular, the democratisation process should be guided by the principles of a people-centred rather than a party-centred democracy. Besides educating and sensitising people on elections, civic education and other forms of education should be used as important tools of ideological transformation. Political competition under conditions of economic backwardness and poverty tends to lead to conflict. Zanzibar therefore needs rapid socio-economic development with a reasonable balance between Unguja and Pemba. Problems related to the Union should be discussed and solved.The Union should facilitate elections in Zanzibar without any form of bias or favouritism."