Zambia Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections 20 September 2011

"The Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation (PEMMO) were used as the basis for the election assessment by the EISA mission.At the time of the drafting of this statement, the tabulation and announcement of results were still in progress. Therefore, our conclusion on the conduct of these elections is restricted to the period of our observation up to this day, 22 September 2011. On the basis of its observation thus far and using the guidelines enshrined in the PEMMO, the EISA Election Observer Mission concludes that the Tripartite Elections held on 20 September 2011 in Zambia were conducted in a manner that allowed the people of Zambia to express freely their democratic choice. It is the hope of the Mission that the tabulation and announcement of the final results will be conducted in the same manner as the preceding stages so that the final electoral outcome can reflect the will of the Zambian voters."