A Wind of Change? The Institutional Reform of the African Union and Africa's Security Provision

This collection of policy briefs seeks to contribute to achieving a homogeneous understanding and to influence ongoing dialogue on the AU’s institutional reforms. Despite the relatively recent decision to reform, its ongoing implementation, varied discussions among relevant stakeholders and the eclectic nature of the institutional re-configuration has made it difficult to attain a coherent understanding. Drawing perspectives from practitioners with intimate understanding of the reforms process as well as researchers, academic and civil society, this collection provides a comprehensive account of the diverse layers of the AU’s institutional reforms. It also makes important contributions to the debate in ways that could influence a rethinking of some aspects of the reform agenda to advance a crucial and desperately required success of the AU. The following policy briefs form part of this compilation: "Ambition versus Realism: Evaluating the Prospects of Success of the African Union Institutional Reform Agenda" by Jide Martyns Okeke; "The Road to Kigali: The AU finances between dependence and increasing ownership" by Ulf Engel ; "Reforming the AU’s Permanent Representatives Committee" by Charles Ukeje and Rhuks Ako; "AU Institutional Reforms: Legal Implications for the Member States" by George Mukundi Wachira and Josephat Muuo Kilonzo; "Ownership of Africa’s Integration through Financing and Reforming the AU: Implications for the RECs" by Raheemat Momodu; "Strengthening AU-RECs Collaborations on Peace and Security Issues in the Context of Reform" by Martha Mutisi; "How will AU reforms impact on relationships with key partners?" by Cedric de Coning and lastly "AU Financial Reform: Compliance and Implementation: Bottlenecks by Member States" by Philip Kasaija.