Which Products should Uganda Leverage for Export Diversification?

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) will be developing a National Export Development Strategy (NEDS) for the next five years. This brief identifies the sectors and products that could be considered as game-changers for Uganda’s export development, mainly through export diversification efforts. Overall, the results suggest that Uganda has higher chances for export diversification in light manufacturing and agricultural sectors in comparison to other sectors. The brief makes the following recommendations. First, strengthen the public and private sector efforts to boost the quality and quantity of products through sustainable value addition and innovation. Second, introduce prospective exporters to new markets and provide information necessary to boost and sustain export diversification. Third, build current and prospective exporters’ production, marketing and exporting capacities to tap into the regional markets. Fourth, Uganda should look at the African continent for diversification into light manufactured and agricultural products.