What Lies Beyond? Delving Below the Surface of Conflict: A Treasure Trove of Exercises, Tools and Perspectives on Transforming Conflict and How we Relate to It

The so-called 'Learning Series on the Nexus between Human Rights and Conflict Transformation' focused on bringing peace practitioners and emerging leaders in human rights in to conversation. Engaging Zimbabwean CSO actors - some with an explicit punitive justice orientation and others with a dialogical orientation - was done with the aim of building a basis for future conversations on transitional justice in the country. This publication brings together key insights from the Learning Series and a compilation of the exercises used during the various sessions. The series, was conceived out of the collaboration between CSVR and ZLHR and the identified need for human rights activists and lawyers to develop or deepen their facilitation skills to meet the needs of a changing socio-political environment. There was also a benefit to exploring the intersection between the fields of conflict transformation/peacebuilding and human rights with a view to seeing how they could complement each other in the field.