West Africa Insight Vol 5 No.1: Secessionist Movement

This journal comprises several articles. The first article on page 4 is titled: Biafran Separatist Agitations in Nigeria: Causes, trajectories, scenarios and the way forward by Prof. Jideofor Adibe discusses the causes of the civil war in the Republic of Biafra, Nigeria after the coup in July 1966 and the subsequent rise of the separatist movement. The second article on page 14 : Separatism in Casamance: an asymmetric conflict stemming from horizontal disparities written by Mohamed Lamine Manga reviews the historical context of the 35 year old conflict, its impact on the nation building process in Senegal, its social and economic effects, the peace process and sub-regional repercussions of the conflict as well as future scenarios. On page 23 : Secessionism in Northern Mali and Northern Niger by Prof. Alexandar Thurston focuses on the trajectories of the Malian and Nigerian governments, and the internal politics among rebels to explain the difference and state of secessionist movement in Mali and Niger. On page 31 : The Role of Accountability in Promoting Good Governance: An introduction to election promise tracking in West Africa by Prof. Okechukwu Ibeanu discusses the fundamentals of good governance, how this differs from democratic governance and what accountability means in this context.