"We are all this, and More" Body Mapping as Journeys of Self -reflection

31 Jan 2019

48pages PDF

Art is transformative. It can open up and expand the worldviews of individuals and communities, challenging and changing given assumptions about oneself and diverse others. Artistic practices can increase understanding of different perspectives, creating greater empathy and inclusion. Art is especially useful for developing alternative visions of peaceful coexistence between people. This book presents the self-reflections of eight Kenyans living in Garissa County in northeastern Kenya. Between 2016 to 2018, they participated, along with 136 other young women and men, in dialogue processes . Using art builds on the understanding that peacebuilding requires forms of personal and group reflection and expression that go beyond words and logic. It also respects and values the place of arts and culture in Kenyan society. The personal narratives and Body Maps included here have been selected with the aim of providing a broad view of the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of the participants. They are organised in three parts that tell a larger story about identity and inclusion in Garissa County.