Water Pollution by Industries in Lesotho

"Industrialization in Lesotho has increased exports from the country and has generated considerable employment for the Basotho people. The government and the private sector have set up several wet industries (using more than 2000 cu m of water per day) that generate large amounts of wastewater discharges. Some of this wastewater is discharged either treated or untreated into the environment. This study aims to investigate the extent and impacts of water pollution by industries on water quality and health and livelihoods of communities living near the contaminated waterways.This research studied the water quality in the three industrialised areas of Lesotho, namely Thetsane in Maseru district, Ha Nyenye in Leribe district and Mafeteng in Mafeteng district. The effects of water pollution on communities living near the waterways were also studied. Areas for further research have been identified and recommendations made to prevent water pollution."