Water Management In Federal And Federal –Type Countries: Nigerian Perspectives

"Nigeria is a Federation situated on the West Coast of Africa. The country is considered to be abundantly blessed with water resources and is divided into 8 hydrological areas drained mainly by the Rivers Niger and Benue and their numerous minor tributaries as well as inland lakes. The three levels of government, Federal, State and Local Government, share responsibility for water resources management. Thus, leading to fragmentation, duplication and lack of intersectoral coordination with each segment pursuing its own independent water agenda. The salient features of water resources management in Nigeria include: weak data base, fragmented responsibility and weak institutional framework among others. Because of the fragmented and uncoordinated approach to water management issues, the regulatory and monitoring machinery within the water sector in Nigeria is diverse, diffused and weak. Enforceability in such circumstances becomes lax. Present water laws lack proper provisions and mechanisms for inter-sectoral coordination, tariff setting and conflict resolution. There is therefore an identified need for a new water law in Nigeria and with it, a new regulatory mechanism to ensure sustainable and integrated approach to water resources management."