Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability of the Bos-taurysdairy Genotypes in Nandi South and Rongai Countries in Kenya

"The study assessed the vulnerability and adaptation strategies of the Bos-taurus dairy breed/ genotypes (DBG) to climate variability of in two diverse production environments (PEDs) namely Rongai and Nandi South counties. Long-term climatic data analysis presents a declining rainfall trend and ascending trend in temperature in both production environments.Through farmers’ perception ranking, the impacts of climate change and variability (CCV) on dairy breed/genotype ranged from low (2.60) to high (3.96) in the production environments. The results from the study indicate that the DBGs are vulnerable to impacts of CCV. Production systems in different PEDs have evolved in response to effects of climate variability. Different response strategies have been adopted and used by farmers depending on the PEDs to mitigate the Climate change and variability."