Urbanization for National Development in Ethiopia

"In the preceding pages, we started our discussion with a description of the role and characteristics of urban centers, explored the status and conditions of our cities, and projected our vision of what they would be like in 2020, suggesting along the way some implementation strategies by which our vision could be realized. We have also discussed their beautiful and peaceful environment as their positive aspect, while positing the excess migration of people into the cities, along with the attending overpopulation, and the rather stinted attitude the residents have as the challenges they face. In our vision of our cities in 2020, we have projected that they will be organized and structured along a hierarchy of the services they could possibly render; that rural villages would be transformed so as to cater to a modern way of life, while the major cities would provide services commensurate with their level of development. The projected year would be one in which housing shortage and joblessness would be passé as an agenda. It is our vision that all of our urban centers would at least be linked by a network of roads and highways and transportation infrastructure, thus transformed into modern, vibrant, lively places where people work and live a modern, joyful and vibrant life."