Unravelling the Dynamics of HIV/AIDS Related Stigma and Discrimination : the Role of Community Based Research Case Studies for Nothern Uganda and Burundi

Overcoming HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination was highlighted in this research. It remains of the major challenges to be addressed in the development of effective responses. In conclusion, therefore, it could be said that one of the most important lessons to be taken from ACORD’s experience of facilitating these research processes in both Burundi and Uganda, is that the value of such research lies not only in contributing to our understanding of the dynamics of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, but equally in its capacity to stimulate a process of critical reflection and action-oriented analysis among the key actors – namely, PLHAs who are the prime victims, policy-makers, service providers, opinion leaders and the community at large, who all have a stake in addressing this problem and promoting a spirit of caring and collective responsibility in supporting those living with the virus and their carers.