Unlocking International Finance for Water Infrastructure in Angola

The impacts of climate change will increase the costs of delivering the infrastructure needed to expand access to water and sanitation across developing countries. It will be important for countries like Angola to access increased levels of climate finance – international finance targeted for climate change activities – to help deliver the crucial infrastructure investments they need. This summary report is intended to help guide policy makers and experts to identify potential sources of international finance for climate-resilient water infrastructure and the ways in which Angola can prepare itself to access this finance. The report combines the findings from several stand-alone reports that have been produced as part of a study into climate finance for the water sector. The report is structured in four sections: 1. Key sources of international climate finance available to Angola for water infrastructure; 2. Guidance on how to assess a country’s readiness for climate finance; 3. A review of how ready Angola is to access this international financing; and 4. Common approaches and tools that have emerged from our overarching research in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe that water institutions can use to make it easier to access climate finance.