United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture in Practice: Perspectives from Local Peacebuilders in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region

This report is the Life & Peace Institute (LPI) and its partners’ written submission to the 2020 United Nations (UN) Peacebuilding Architecture Review process. As the outcome of a series of consultations, it gathers perspectives from a diverse range of peacebuilding practitioners in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes region. Particular emphasis was placed on engaging peacebuilders who are not often heard in global policy discussions. The report is organised in two parts. Part One presents the perspectives of the peacebuilding practitioners we engaged in six context-specific consultations. The report highlights their examples and experiences. These examples are largely unseen and under-recognised in global peacebuilding policy and action, and demonstrate the richness of practices, efforts, knowledge and experiences – remaining to a large extent as untapped resources for building sustainable peace. Building off these perspectives, Part Two introduces four recommendations, based on reflections shared by participants, directed at the UN Peacebuilding Architecture which, if implemented, will support a transformation towards a more inclusive space for decision-makers and practitioners, working in pursuit of aligned goals to sustain peace.