Understanding the Role of Women in Household Upkeep in Nigeria

The first project to be discussed in this newsletter covers the role of women in households. The contributions of housewives to the household development, originates largely from the non- domestic to domestic sphere – despite the fact that they are grossly unrecognized and appreciated. These contributions should be recognized and appreciated in Delta State and indeed in Nigeria so that they could be harnessed for statewide and national development. The recognition for women and their works will minimize issues of gender inequality and bring about a fair society where both wives as well as their husbands will be happy. Additionally, the recognition of women and their works will also bring about adequate formulation of suitable strategies for planning and empowering women. It will also bring about adequate calculation of GDP which international agencies use for assistance of countries, and full estimation of our economy and generate the right data for planning and precise rating of our economy in the international arenas. We must all strive to fulfill the words of Waring that the role and work of women on the planet are intimately related to the goal of comprehensive socio-economic and political development. The second project " Amnesty for peace in the Niger Delta" seeks to conduct a comprehenisive review and anlysis of drivers of the violent conflicts in the region and to assess the impacts that the amnesty programme has had on mitigating conflicts, national stability and the potential for further conflicts. The newsletter includes reports on CPED activities.