Understanding Civil Society/Government Engagement

"Modern states are built on the platform that stands on four pillars - informed/ engaged citizenry, civil society, private sector, and government. Each has a role to play in the sustenance and development of the political economy. However, public policy which ought to be the responsibility of the government has to have civil society and citizens' involvement and input to make it more inclusive, acceptable, credible and transparent. More often than not the voice of the citizens is echoed through the civil society. However, the extent to which civil society participates in public policy is largely dependent on the space and support which the government is willing to give. In other words, the government must be willing to guarantee freedom of association, freedom of expression, and an environment that supports dialogue in order for the people to give vent to their opinions and be able to engage the government. Besides, government should be able to provide resources which are required for civil society activities."