Uganda's Progress Towards Poverty Reduction during the last Decade 2002/3-2012/13 : Is the Gap Between Leading and Lagging Areas Widening or Narrowing?

"The paper has demonstrated that Uganda has continued to register significant reduction in poverty based on the data drawn from repeated cross-sectional household surveys, but at slower rates of reduction with significant regional disparities. The rate of reduction was fastest during the period 2002/3-2005/6 and slowest in the 2009/10- 2012/13. This progress corroborates with growth in consumption as well as the GDP growth rates in the same period. For instance, higher GDP growth rates in 2002/3 to 2005/6 translated into higher growth in consumption relative to other sub-periods. The results have further revealed that growth was not pro-poor for the entire decade with the exception of the period 2009/10-2012/13. In the most recent period, growth was pro-poor at national level and for rural areas. Put differently, growth benefitted the poor as much as GDP growth recorded its least performance in this period."