Uganda Local Government Councils Score Card Report 2008/9: A Comparative Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

"This briefing paper presents a compressed summary of the findings and analysis of the first LGCSC assessment conducted in 10 districts and published in the main synthesis report. The 10 districts 4 which are spread evenly across the country were selected through criteria that sought to achieve a regional balance in the sample, balance old and new districts, include districts that were considered marginalized by geopolitical circumstances, or the inclusion of districts that were perceived as models in terms of performance. Kampala District Council was particularly included in this first assessment by virtue of its metropolitan status. The following organs of the district councils were assessed and scored: district councils; individual district councilors; the district chair-persons; and the district council speakers. All the organs were scored on performance of their core responsibilities with scores ranging from 0 up to 100 points. The Local Government Councils Score-Card has shown that even if councils perform the roles that are ascribed to them under the Local Government Act, their efforts are unlikely to translate into tangible improvements in service delivery. To achieve better service delivery outcomes, action must be taken to improve the performance of the councils themselves while addressing the structural policy constraints that account for the current breakdown of accountability relationship between citizens and government at all levels."