The “Ugandan Economy Today” is a quarterly review of the economic performance of Uganda. The publication presents a trend analysis of selected key indicators in the agricultural, industrial, transport and communication sectors of the economy. It also highlights trends in major price indices such as inflation, exchange rates and interest rates. The policy section reviews monetary and fiscal policy stances as well as international trade developments. In the paragraph which discusses the agricultural sector it was noted that during the quarter under review, rainfall fall was above average leading to disasters in many areas. Nonetheless, the early appearance of rainfall was good for early planting that resulted in early harvest and stable food supply. For livestock farming, the rains made it possible to have sufficient vegetation and water, which led to excess supply of milk during the quarter. Livestock quarantines were reinstated in most livestock keeping districts due to resurgence of Foot and Mouth disease. Prices for some food commodities—notably rice and maize were higher than average during the quarter—due to below average first season harvest and regional demand.