The “Ugandan Economy Today” is a quarterly review of the economic performance of Uganda. The publication presents a trend analysis of selected key indicators in the agricultural, industrial, transport and communication sectors of the economy. It also highlights trends in major price indices such as inflation, exchange rates and interest rates. The policy section reviews monetary and fiscal policy stances as well as international trade developments. Under the heading: The Agricultural sector on page 1 the heavy and above normal rainfall was discussed, this precipitation was experienced throughout the quarter under review for most of the country other than the western region. The rains led to delays in harvesting. However, there was improved food security which in turn led to low prices in most food crops in the markets. With regard to livestock, despite an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, productivity had improved in the cattle corridors of Uganda due to availability of water and pasture. There was an increase in trade volumes of maize and beans to Kenya during the course of the quarter in comparison to the previous quarter.