Uganda and the International Criminal Court: Debates and Developments

"Uganda was the first country targeted for intervention by the International Criminal Court (ICC). This intervention prompted three critical discussions about international criminal justice: ‘peace vs. justice,’ ‘selective justice,’ and ‘international vs. local justice’. The ICC entered a second phase of operations in Uganda after peace talks failed between the government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). With no arrests or new charges, the ICC faded from the headlines. ICC programs continued, however, including several significant support programs for victims of conflict. The ICC has now entered a third phase in Uganda, which requires it to wind down most operational activities and shift resources elsewhere, while at the same time remaining able to quickly ramp-up activities, should there be arrests. To guide this third phase and to derive lessons to improve future ICC interventions, a better understanding of the ICC’s impact in Uganda to date is needed. This research must include the views and concerns of victims of conflict."