Turkey and South Africa: Development of relations 1860-2005

The formal diplomatic relationship between Turkey and South Africa was established in 1992, however the relationship on various levels predates this by as much as 130 years. Turkey and South Africa are countries with very similar developmental patterns and problems and therefore could relate to each other on economical as well as on political issues. Between 1980 and 1992 the Turkish South African relationship had little substance but after 1992 the relationship improved to such an extent that several agreements was signed to confirm the bilateral relations. In this paper several parallel lines between Turkey and South Africa are drawn. Trade relations, tourism education and exports are all factors that influence the relationship between South Africa and Turkey. In 1999 Turkey approached negotiations for EU membership and certain reforms had to be implemented to better its bid for membership. The similarities between the two countries places a heavy burden on the respective embassies to improve the relationship regardless of constraints imposed on them