Trends and Importance of Discussing Peace and Security in Africa: Tana High-Level Forum

"This is a policy brief that aims to follow the trends and importance of the Tana High-Level Forum (THLF) discussions and link such discussions to the future trends of African peace and security. The question raised in this paper is: What in the thematic areas so far discussed in THLF serve to further shape policy agendas and what are their contributions in the process of driving more key policy discussions? THLF has made headlines four times since it started. It has set a continental pace and precedence in bringing African Heads of State and Governments together to conduct informal discussions on African peace and security issues. Behind the objective of THLF lies an African-Centred Solution to peace and security agendas (AfSol). The relevance in discussing the trending challenges in peace and security in the continent provides a unique forum that draws participants from diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise. THLF has expanded in scope, number of participants and format and is making substantial deliberation and contributions to the continental and global debate on peace and security."