Transformation of the Pan-African Parliament A path to a legislative body?

"The inauguration of the Pan-African Parliament reflects a commitment towards enhancing and deepening democratic values and principles on the continent. The PAP forms part of the ambitious process of deepening the institutional framework for achieving Africa’s political and economic integration, a vision informed by the creation of the AEC, the ultimate aim being the Union Government of Africa. However, doubts remain about the ability of the PAP to realize this objective and vision. In fact the record of the PAP during the first five years shows that it still faces many challenges and disadvantages. Among its most critical disadvantages is that the PAP does not have any enforcement capacity for its decisions; instead it only has consultative and advisory powers.Another challenge is that its members are not directly elected, but nominated. Thus, there are doubts about the likelihood of the PAP being transformed into a full legislative body as envisioned by the Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community relating to the Pan-African Parliament. The present study seeks to understand where the PAP is going. At the end of its first term,what are the prospects for transformation of the PAP into a full legislative body? And if and when it is transformed, what are some of the likely paths that may be followed?"