Traditional Healers and Their Provision of Mental Health Services in Cosmopolitan Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

"Traditional healing has been practiced by many cultures in Kenya and for many years. It is an accepted mode of treatment in different cultures. Traditional healers are consulted even today and provide treatment to many people. Traditional medicine has been used by large pharmaceutical industries to produce the western type of medication and at times the traditional healers are not aware that the knowledge that they give to these firms is used to make a lot of money without the communities where it came from sharing in the benefits accruing from the sales. The country lacks proper policies that guide the traditional healers despite the fact that they are highly consulted by people and this could jeopardise the lives of those who seek help from them. There is therefore need for the government to engage the traditional healers more so that better practices are observed to ensure that the patients benefit. Objectives: The broad objective was to determine whether traditional healers treat mental disorders and whether they are aware of intellectual property rights."