Trade Opportunities from the EU-ACP EPAs: Prospects for the flower sub-sector in Uganda

"With the signing of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in 2009, the Government of Uganda as a member of the ACP, should endeavour to re-strategize itself to benefit from the opportunities such trading blocks create through increased trade. While Uganda ratified the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), in 1993 considerable efforts need to be put into its implementation. Trade is likely to increase with EPAs in place and this will lead to biodiversity conservation concerns amidst the need for increased production. Biodiversity concerns have been of little interest in relation to trade, thus, in here, we focus on cut flower production and suggest some trade options that are beneficial while mitigating biodiversity loss. In addition, we propose policies that can lead to (actionable points) for cut flower farmers and policy makers."