Towards a Regional Approach to Biotechnology Policy in Southern Africa Phase 1: Situation Analysis and Stakeholder View - Malawi

"The general perception of GM crops among the respondents interviewed in Malawi is that genetic transformation has potential to improve food security, but they fear the risks to the safety of humans, animals and the environment. This situation is orchestrated by lack of public awareness due to insufficient information on the long-term effects of introducing GM crops into the country. The government position is that developments in scientific and technological fields elsewhere will affect Malawi and that the country cannot afford to remain behind in the GM revolution. However, there is a need to build capacity to manage and regulate the use of biotechnology in the country. Against this background, a comprehensive Biotechnology Policy is being prepared, which will include all aspects of biotechnology, GMO and bio-safety, social and ethical issues and all other concerns in environment, human health, ecology, plants and animals, industry, trade, food and nutrition, as well as crosscutting issues. "