The Web of Poverty: Women and sugarcane farming in Bokoli Location, Bungoma district, Kenya

"This study set out to analyse the cumulative effect of sugarcane farming on the role of women in food production in Bokoli location. In designing this study, the economic model was found to be useful in ordering and analyzing the data. This model stipulates that women in Bokoli location are engrossed in a wide range of activities. These activities include all agricultural processes such as cash crop and food crop production, processing, storage and marketing. This clearly indicates that women in Bokoli location are engaged in all facets of the food procurement system, ranging from land clearing, land preparation to planting, harvesting and distribution of food crops. In addition, the women actively participate in all domestic tasks which include fetching water from long distances, milling grain, gathering wood, child-bearing and child-nurturing. These activities are usually carried out betwixt and between the main agricultural activities."