The State of Business Practices and the Impact of BDS on MSMEs in Lusaka and Kabwe, Zambia

"This study takes a closer look at the MSME sector in Zambia and examines the current state of affairs with regard to business practices, access to Business Development Services (BDS) and enterprise performance, with the view to beginning a process that helps in developing a deeper understanding of key institutional issues related to the interplay between these three variables. The study involved interviews with 187 MSMEs operates in two geographical locations (Lusaka and Kabwe). The two locations provided a convenient but a significantly wide economic spectrum that allows major insights to be obtained. The examination was undertaken from five research and practice disciplines that include economics, business management, business law, entrepreneurship and finance. The overall objective of the study is to attempt to identify some of the institutional factors affecting the ability of MSMEs to provide a greater contribution to national development. While some of these factors may sit at the enterprise level, others are likely to be at the overall macro-economic policy level and also at the meso level - the level of support institutions working in the MSME sector."