"The civil unrest in Somalia dispersed a large number of Somalis to different parts of the globe. Owing to the efforts of the international community in establishing a new government, there is a renewed sense of hope for Somalia’s reconstruction. The Somali diaspora can be one of the main contributors to these efforts. Although the government has invited the diaspora to join national processes, apart from the financial remittances, there is a need for channels to be established to create greater socio-economic and political participation by the diaspora. This situation report examines the current and potential role of the Somali diaspora in general, and in Kenya in particular, in rebuilding their country. It will do so by assessing the challenges and opportunities for Somalis in the diaspora in Kenya in participating in their country’s reconstruction. The report’s emphasis on Kenya is based not only on the size of the Somali diaspora in Kenya but also on the proximity of the two countries. The report argues that the competencies of Somalis in diaspora in Kenya could, if well harnessed, play a meaningful role in Somalia’s reconstruction."