The primary agendas in the public domain were to comprehensively address the challenges of formal and informal miners in Chiadzwa and at the same time ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the villagers and national economic recovery. In Chiadzwa, the intrusion of mining, displaced the cultural and social mosaic while privatizing the commons and subjecting the villagers to several risks and harms with minimal benefits. As indicated by the existence of clandestine networks, the clandestine involvement of the state and its stakes in the formal and informal diamond economy, makes underhand diamond economy injurious to the prospective diamond-anchored economic resurgence. There is a general outcry locally, nationally and internationally about the opaque nature of the diamond mining proceed and the benefit sharing arrangements. Evidence exists that the Chiadzwa diamond deposits could really transform the national and local economic fortunes of Zimbabwe and Chiadzwa respectively. Demilitarization, close monitoring of the diamond trade, appropriate declaration and repatriation of diamond revenues together with normalizations of relations with the western diamond markets will certainly see the Zimbabwean diamonds turning around the economy. The extractive nature of the diamond industry however should be accompanied with appropriate observance of environmental laws, appropriate corporate social responsibility, legislative reforms and transparent accountability by all stakeholders.