The Role of Traditional Irrigation Systems (Vinyungu) in Alleviating Poverty in Iringa Rural District, Tanzania

"This study was conducted to assess the role of the vinyungu irrigation system in alleviating poverty in Iringa rural district in the southern highlands of Tanzania and covered five villages, Wasa, Uhominyi, Kihanga, Kising'a, and Lulanzi, representing three different Agroecological zones. Qualitative statistical methods were used to identify priorities in vinyungu farming and to establish relationships for categorical data sets while basic quantitative statistical tools were used to analyze quantitative information and establish relationships between the information collected. Results show that vinyungu is widely practised in the District and has a great potential in generating income to farmers and in ensuring year round food security. Unlike the past where vinyungu farming was mainly women's work, now-days all members of the family irrespective of the gender are involved in it such that is one of the main employer to 85-100% of farmers during off-rain season."