The Ouagadougou Political Accord: Imminent Divorce or the Renewal of Vows

"The slow implementation of the Accord signed by the Forces Nouvelles and the government in March 2008 is the result of the lack of political will by all participants. Implementation of the Accord will definitely be a watershed in the country’s political landscape. To ensure political security, the various political actors in the country are jostling for control of the transitional process and related institutions. As such, successful implementation of the Accord will depend on whether Gbagbo and Soro find mechanisms and strategies to accommodate their interests without hurting each other. For the time being, Ivorian electoral logic makes it very difficult for both parties to accommodate each other without somebody losing out. Within this context, the present Gbagbo–Soro ‘marriage’ is bound to continue albeit with some friction and tension. This might not be a ‘marriage’ made in heaven but both parties stand to lose a lot if there is a divorce."