The Nigerian Air Force in a Changing Security Environment

"This report may be summarised by stating that traditional doctrine and force structures remained the same as most modern defence forces have been directed towards the use of over-whelming force to achieve victory. This is hardly a formula for coping with the wide range of new threats, which are presently emerging. This seriously hampers the development of air forces; force design and force structures in most countries. How does one plan for such a volatile environment? How does one go about acquiring equipments for threat, which are vague and unmanifested? How does one achieve the optimal balance in one's force design between catering for expected minor contingencies, but simultaneously remaining, prepared for major conflicts, however rare these may be? And what about the trade-offs for peace support operation? Does one prepare for visible threats, or to counter potential capabilities? Intent can change more rapidly than military capability, so the clever solution would seem to be to design one's air force according to perceived opponent's capabilities, and not according to threats."