The Namibian Dilemma: Factors Preventing a Settlement

This paper is on the course of the SWA/Nambian situation on wanting internationally recognised independence. It reports that the issue has reached a turning point away from the wanted independence. Such a collapse is said to be a setback for the West and for the United States in particular, as their credibility as a middle-man will be negatively affected. It will also be a setback for Namibia itself. The optimism has been misleading for at least two general underlying reasons. Significant factors currently standing in the way of a settlement are Cubans in Angola, Unita, Timing of Agreement and State of Internal Politics in SWA/Namibia. These four considerations lead to a pessimistic view of the chances of an international settlement. However, the South African government is still in control of the territory. It can make or break a settlement which is a heavy responsibility.