The Link Between Political Leadership and Development

"The primary responsibility of any given country's leadership is the creation of favorable conditions for investors and the people to engage in development, not getting involved in the details of the every-day operation of the country's development activities. Equipping oneself [at the government level] with knowledge about these managerial/operational concepts may help government stay clear of possible misunderstandings and confusion, but it certainly will not help in bringing about rapid economic growth. It appears to me that such thinking is a result of the socialist creed that governments are responsible for building a country's economy. Of course, I fully realize that this position of mine would more than likely meet with opposition from those who follow a different ideological orientation. It is not my intention in this paper to go into the details of the different concepts of management and use them as a basis for my presentation. Aside from the problem of time constraint, I have some doubt as to the relevance of such engagement to the issue on hand."