The Impact of the Amnesty Programme on Rural Communities in Niger Delta : Perspectives on the Experiences and Views of Sampled Community Members

This qualitative survey of selected rural communities in the Niger Delta emphasized that the inhabitants of these communities have not felt remarkably the impact of the Amnesty programme in terms of improving their wellbeing. They expressed the view that government and multinational corporations exploring and exploiting the oil resources in their communities are basically insensitive to the plights of the inhabitants. They expressed strong views that there should be a change of attitude and approach by the government and oil companies in the context of the on-going Amnesty programme. The politicization of community needs and corrupt practices among government officials, party affiliates or loyalists, have put the oil producing communities in a perpetual state of denial and conflict. Lastly, the people concluded that the Amnesty programme means nothing if people in the rural communities do not have access to food for their families, good health care, good education, access to resources for a good life, and political development.