The High-Level Panel Report on a Post-2015 Development Framework: Does it Address Inclusive Growth in a Comprehensive Manner?

A strong call for inclusive growth is being harbored at the centre of this report. The conceptual foundation and headline idea is five transformational shifts. One of this is to transform economies for jobs and inclusive growth. There should be a commitment to rapid equitable growth - not just growth at any cost or just short term spurts in growth, but sustained, long term inclusive growth that can overcome the challenges of unemployment, resource scarcity and perhaps - the biggest challenge of all - adaptation to climate change. This kind of inclusive growth has to be supported by a global economy that ensures financial stability, promotes stable, long term private financial investment, and encourages open, fair and development friendly trade. The stated aim to eradicate poverty by 2030 is the cornerstone of this report. In this goal it is expressed to end extreme poverty as measured at $1.25 a day.