The Functioning of a Multiparty System in Local Government Challenges of a Transition from the Movement System in Uganda

"The paper argues that since Uganda is grappling with the challenge of deepening democracy under a new multiparty dispensation, the functioning of multi-party in local governments should be given adequate attention. It is important therefore to raise the following questions: First, will the multi-party politics and the system in general integrate decentralization existing in local governments to promote democracy and good governance? Second, will multiparty politics consolidate peace and stability in all parts of Uganda that has hitherto been achieved in most parts of the country? Third, will the political actors be able to manage conflicts that may arise from multiparty competition? Fourth, are there safeguards in terms of rules and procedures and code of conduct for political parties to guarantee better functioning of multiparty system in local governments? Fifth, what fears, challenges, and expectations do the people have in the new dispensation? Sixth, what appropriate interventions should be made to deepen democracy in local governments under the multiparty system?"