"Formerly one of Africa’s most promising economies, Zimbabwe has begun a process of economic reconstruction after decades of political turmoil and economic mismanagement. The advent of a national unity government in February 2009 launched a new but still tentative era of political stability. The government has a daunting political and economic agenda. Top priorities include restoring the rule of law, demonstrating fiscal responsibility, and putting in place macroeconomic and structural reforms to win the confidence of domestic and international investors. Of critical importance, attention must also be paid to Zimbabwe’s environment, which has suffered extreme neglect in recent years. Located in one of the world regions hit hardest by climate change, Zimbabwe needs also to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of this global threat while tackling severe economic and social problems. While many people realize that the private sector is potentially well positioned to play a catalytic role in Zimbabwe’s reconstruction, these efforts must be accompanied by binding safeguards for the protection of Zimbabwe’s environment."