The ANC Polokwane Conference and its Aftermath

"This article seeks to analyse the ANC Polokwane conference and its consequences from a theoretical platform. It utilises the recent history of the ANC and lessons from other political parties to draw evidence of the theoretical hypothesis. Finally, lessons, possibilities and risks are identified that the ANC is likely to face in the near future. Politics - A Consequence of Social Reality In his work, ‘Ideology and superstructure in historical materialism,’ Jakubowski states that “consciousness is determined by social being… and… the economic structure forms the ‘real base’ of social life.” Having said this, he further states that, “Man is not simply a piece of nature, he is also a force which re-forms nature.” It is not the intention of the author to explore the debates on the deterministic nature of the historical materialist model, as this falls beyond the scope of this article."