The African Union Panel of the Wise: Strengthening Relations with Similar Regional Mechanisms

"This report captures the essence of presentations and discussions, as well as recommendations that emerged from the inaugural High Level Retreat of the AU PW. The first part assesses the state of peace and security in Africa, while part two provides an overview of current trends and challenges in preventing and resolving conflict on the continent. In part three, the report examines opportunities for peace and security in Africa, including progress achieved in the operationalisation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), democratisation efforts on the continent, increased collaboration between the AU and RECs and the move towards African ownership to resolve the continent’s challenges. Part four examines how to capitalise on existing potentials, such as mediation efforts by various African panels and councils of the wise, and provides recommendations for AU member states, the AU and RECs, the AU PW and other panels and councils of the wise. As the retreat aimed at and focused on strengthening relations between the AU PW and similar mechanisms on the continent, the establishment and operationalisation of the Pan-Wise was a key aspect of the deliberations, as reflected in part five of the report. Lastly, the report draws lessons from the current mediation context on the continent, based on reflections and candid exchange of views of a diverse set of eminent speakers at the retreat."