This issue of the African Technopolitan addresses issues on economic and sustainable development in "Africa's last best chance for development"; "Getting Africa ready for the 'digital' SDGs";and "'Smart city' approaches to sustainable development". Lessons learned from Asia is discussed in: "Lessons from East Asia for Africa's economic transformation"; "Growth and structural transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa"; "Some lessons from South Korea's development experience"; "China the 'one belt one road' initiative". Energy is the next discussion point in: "Harnessing applications of light for sustainable development"; "Solar led solutions can end light poverty in Africa"; "Does Africa really want yesterday's future?". The following two articles discussed nanotechnology: "Towards an African Nanofuture"; "Nanotechnology for water treatment in Africa". Science and technology is the topic under discussion in "Big data and the rise of African consumerism"; "The private sector and science in Africa"; and "Promoting basic science in Africa". Security and urban planning is discussed in "A new climate economy for Africa"; "East African cities embrace CCTV for public safety"; and "Risk assessment, hazard mitigation and disaster response in Africa". Climate change and environment is covered by "Climate relevant innovation system builders"; "Using data to tackle climate change"; "E-government and environmental impact assessment in Kenya"; and "Adaptation and development policy in Africa". Other titles are "Rethinking African Health care systems"; "Why the African Union should be disbanded" and the "Unsung heroism of Thabo Mbeki".