The 2nd Meeting of the China Africa Think Tanks Forum, October 12-13, 2012, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

This report covers the second meeting of the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum and includes background information on the founders as well as the host organization. A summary of the papers presented at the 4 breakaway sessions are included. Breakaway session one is titled “Perspectives on the potential of China-Africa Relations to improve governance, peace and security”. Topics covered are China’s rise and engagement in Africa, South-South cooperation and China Africa Relations with regard to aid, peace and security and civil society involvement. Breakaway session two: “Debating the effectiveness of China’s role in regional integration, peacebuilding and the non-interference policy” includes papers on regional integration, peace building policies and operations, issues on the non-interference policies in the oil and gas, and peace and security sector and touches on the Arab Spring. Breakaway session 3 is titled “Chinese alternatives to economic and social development in Africa” and issue on Chinese enterprises, Sino-Africa relations, economic relations, Chinese investment and social responsibility are discussed. Breakaway session 4 “Challenges and opportunities in China-Africa relations: Cases from Eastern and Southern Africa” includes discussions on China’s role in Darfur, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa Region, Zambia and Zimbabwe.