The 13th Ordinary Session of the African Union and the Question of a United States of Africa

"This paper is primarily concerned with the decision which seeks to transform the AU Commission into the AU Authority as an important step towards continental political unification. It analyses the rationale behind and approach towards political unification of the African continent by 2015. This paper examines the decision to transform the African Union Commission into the African Union Authority as an important step towards continental political unification by 2015. Important developments leading towards continental political integration are highlighted and the rationale or reasons often advanced in favour of political unification are critically assessed. The conclusion drawn is that the desire for continental political unification may be good and ambitious, but conditions necessary for its actualisation in the near future are seriously lacking. The approach towards continental unification is therefore faulted as illogical. In place of continental political unification, a call for the strengthening of regional economic communities as a viable policy alternative is made."