Technology as an Enabler for Addressing the COVID-19 Challenges in the East African Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and damaged economies worldwide. COVID-19 control measures such as social distancing, curfews and lockdowns restricted non-essential physical human interactions, thus impaired production, exchange and consumption of goods and services, and ultimately damaged livelihoods and economies. The EAC Partner States, like other countries in the world, are faced with the challenge of sustaining normal life during the pandemic and setting on a recovery trajectory after the COVID-19 crisis. This study investigated how technology is used in the EAC to address the challenges resulting from restricted face-to-face interactions during the pandemic to achieve near-normalcy, and how it can be promoted for an inclusive technology-driven future. For context, perspective and policy direction, the study also investigated the underlying technology inclusion factors in the EAC.