"This second volume of a two-volume monograph on money laundering in the SADC region begins with Ray Goba’s examination of the capacity of the financial and commercial services sectors in Namibia to detect, prevent or assist in the prosecution of money laundering crimes. He gives an extensive coverage of the situation in Namibia, as experienced through recent cases. Tanzania does not have anti-money laundering laws. In Chapter 2 of this volume, Eugene Mniwasa examines the measures adopted to address the problem of money laundering and the financing of terrorism in Tanzania.In Chapter 3 of this volume, Peter Edopu expresses the hope that when Uganda eventually passes an anti-money laundering law, the policies and procedures taking shape under the umbrella of the guidelines will be carried forward. In the final chapter Bothwell Fundira uses South Africa’s Financial Intelligence Centre Act, (38/2000), as a benchmark against which to measure the adequacy of existing and proposed measures against money laundering in Zimbabwe. He examines the capacity of the key institutions in the light of case studies."