"This review has demonstrated that disaster losses are rising and threaten future economic development, especially given the associated threat of climate change. A policy solution is to integrate risk management into economic and fiscal policy, with the goal of reducing exposure and vulnerability over time. To be successful, it will be necessary to: ensure disaster risk assessments are included in economic projections and economic planning across key sectors, create a frequently updated and accessible national risk atlas, which includes probabilistic assessments of natural hazards, current and projected distributions of assets and people, and their associated vulnerability and capacity. Enact suitable legislation and adequate enforcement measures that seek to carefully manage exposure; for example, by establishing suitable building codes and in some cases prohibiting development in flood plains or low-lying coastal areas. Integrate government risk financing schemes with risk reduction and economic planning. Bridging the gap in government insurance with risk reduction and economic planning would provide incentives for monitoring and reducing risk, as well as adequately put a cost on risk in economic planning, which will incentivise investment in risk management."