Synthesis Report on the Demographic Dividend in Africa

The African context in relation to the demographic transition is analyzed in this document as well as the subsequent challenges and opportunities for harnessing the demographic dividend based on a review of various initiatives and country-specific studies. The main aim of the report is to highlight the key findings, policy recommendations, challenges and opportunities that countries can take into account as they determine their country-specific road maps for achieving their long term development goals in line with the aspirations of the African Union’s Agenda 2063. This report endeavours to analyse and discuss the concept of the demographic dividend and its linkages to African development. It also highlights various initiatives around the continent on the DD and critical policy recommendations arising from various country and regional studies supported by these initiatives. The report is part of on-going efforts to inform policy makers and to advocate for the integration of the DD in development planning and policy. The efforts are aimed at helping African countries to adequately plan for, and maximize the potential benefit that can arise from the youth bulge and thereby improve the well being of Africa and its people.